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Shellcode Compiler
A custom shellcode compiler for Binary Ninja

The following sections describe known issues in the Shellcode Compiler and its runtime environment.

Compiler bugs

  • Floating point doesn’t work at all.

  • Structure copies using the "=" operator do not work. Use memcpy instead.

  • Structure parameters passed by value do not work. Structure parameters passed by pointer are working.

  • Structure return values are not implemented. Pass a pointer to the return value as a parameter instead.

  • When the --encode-pointers option is enabled, NULL function pointers do not work.

  • Code output is much larger than desired. The code generation system is not complete.

  • Improper circular includes are not detected. The compiler will crash with a stack overflow.

Missing features

  • Structure packing is not supported.

  • Blacklisted code generation is not implemented. Use an external encoder if the shellcode must not have byte values that are present in the output of the compiler.

  • Polymorphic code generation is very limited. Register allocation is randomized and basic block ordering is present, but instruction sequences are constant between runs.

  • Built-in encoders and decoders (using the --encoder and --decoder command line options) are not implemented.

  • The --return-reg and --return-reg-high options are not implemented.

  • The __initial_<reg> variables are not implemented. Passing arguments to shellcode on the stack using parameters to main is supported.

  • The --base option is not implemented. By default, shellcode is automatically output using pure position independent code.

  • The --preserve option is not implemented.

Runtime issues

  • Setting a signal handler on 64-bit Linux or Mac OS X that is not SIG_DFL or SIG_IGN will cause the program to crash when the signal is received. The reason is not known. Additionally, even if it did not crash the parameters would not be correct, as the wrong calling convention is used (this is not the cause of the crash).