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Shellcode Compiler
A custom shellcode compiler for Binary Ninja
ssize_t sendto(int fd, const void* buf, size_t n, int flags, const struct sockaddr* addr, socklen_t addrlen);

Sends n bytes from the buffer buf over the socket fd. If addr is not NULL, specifies the address that the data will be sent to. Returns the number of bytes sent, or the negation of the error code on error. It is possible for the number of bytes sent to be smaller than the number of bytes requested.

The supported address types for the addr parameter are below:

struct sockaddr_in;
struct sockaddr_in6;
struct sockaddr_un;
Important The socket family member of the address structure must use the AF_* constants. The PF_* constants must only be used when creating sockets. This is to automatically set the length field present only on BSD. The length fields are not explicitly present in this runtime.
Important If the system call is interrupted, this function will return -EINTR. This differs from most C runtimes, where -1 is returned with errno set to EINTR. As this runtime does not have errno, callers should check for -EINTR and a result less than zero in the error checking code.